Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday, January 26 2015 is Fastpack's 11th Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day FREE SHIPPING SALE


Don't Forget, Monday, January 26 2015 Is our 11th Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! FREE SHIPPING on select Bubble Wrap, Bubble Mailers, Carton Sealing Tape, Poly Courier Mailers and so much more!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Leading Online Shipping Supplies Company Fastpack Packaging Announces Innovative New “Build-A-Bundle” Service

Creatively answering the needs of their customers, leading online Shipping Supply company Fastpack Packaging has debuted their new “Build-A-Bundle” service allowing purchases to be made with no minimum and no maximum.  Shoppers have responded to this unique offer with enthusiasm.

July 22, 2014

The idea of having to order cases of shipping supplies that may not be used in a year's time or even longer is certainly not appealing to many individuals or businesses.  Unfortunately, until recently, this was one of the only options available to individuals and small to medium sized businesses who were hoping to get shipping supplies at an affordable price.  Stepping up to answer this concern in a unique way that offers real value to customers, is Fastpack Packaging with their new “Build-A-Bundle” service.  The service allows customers to put together a bundle of the shipping supplies they need, and only what they need, with no minimum and no maximum order necessary, while still being able to reap the benefits of an attractive price point.  The response from new and old customers of the company alike have been wildly enthusiastic.

“Not everyone needs large quantities of the same item or a bundle of 25 boxes in every imaginable size,”  commented a spokesperson from Fastpack.  “We're happy to offer a smart alternative with Build-A-Bundle that can alleviate these kind of unnecessary expenses and help our customers save money by only purchasing what they need!”

In many cases, with items like bubble mailers where other companies will only sell 500 minimum and Fastpack Packaging allows even a single bubble mailer to be added to a Build-A-Bundle, the difference is very dramatic.  Not only does this cut expenses, but also for businesses or families with limited space it can also free up room, which would otherwise be taken up by packaging supplies that wouldn't normally be used for a very long time.

The company is also happy to offer full case sales, at an even greater discount for those who DO have a  need for larger stock.

Fastpack Packaging are happy to offer the largest selection in the industry for their Build-A-Bundle packages and also the convenience of straight to the door delivery.

Customers have been giving this new service positive feedback across the board.

John M., a long time customer, recently said, “I have had great experience after great experience with Fastpack.  Now that I'm using Build A Bundle it's even more convenient for our business.  Five solid stars and a full recommendation!”

For more information on the company be sure to visit:

Jason Archambault
Fastpack Packaging Inc.
226 SE Lee School Ave
Suite 36
Lee, FL 32059

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

NEW PRODUCT ALERT - Protective Paper Cushioning Wrap Rolls - Colorful!

We LOVE this new product, our Die Cut, Protective paper Cushoning Wrap. It's colorful, and you know we love color! It's "GREEN", and did I say how good it looks? We are happy to send you a sample, just shoot us an email.
A ready to use roll of paper packaging wrap that is used to protect your items.

Pre-expanded, ready-to-use rolls of interleaf tissue glued to the inside of the die cut kraft paper.
These Die Cut Cushioning Rolls were designed as a cost-effective packaging solution for our customers, while also being quick and easy-to-use.
Die Cut Cushioning Rolls Rolls do not require expanders or power, but you can purchase a roll dispenser and custom suction cups for increased ease of use!
They are available in various color combinations allowing you to match your packaging colors with your brand image or promotional events! This is a "GREEN" product. It is made of Kraft PAPER, and Tissue PAPER. After use, just toss it in the recycling bin.
Die Cut Cushioning Rolls Benefits include:

*Competitive price
*Ease of use and portability
*Arrives pre-expanded for quick and easy applications
*Box sizes are often reduced
*Cost reduction from improved productivity through faster wrapping
*Reduce or eliminate the need for other packaging material
*Clean, attractive, in the box presentation

*Roll Width: 14 inches
(The outer layer, our die-cut (kraft paper), is 14 inches wide. The inner layer, our interleaf tissue, is 12 inches wide.)
*Roll Length: 150 feet
*100% recyclable and biodegradable
*Quick and easy to pack and unwrap
*Clean presentation and no mess

These Die Cut Cushioning Rolls are affordable, eco-friendly, recyclable and sustainable protective paper packaging wrap.

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Good Morning America - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day 2013

Thanks to all of our customers that made Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day 2013 a Success! Did you happen to see our Purple, Green, Red or Purple Bubble Wrap® on Good Morning America, Monday? If you missed it, take a peek at it above. The segment starts with our Color Bubble Wrap® and goes into another short segment and back again, until the end.

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Jason Archambault
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