Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NEW Designs added for 2007 to our Themed / Patterned Foam Padded Envelope line

New Patterns / Designs for 2007 added to our Foam Lined Protective Envelopes. See all of our offered designs by Clicking HERE.

Daylight savings time starts March 11 2007 - (3 Weeks Early)

Just a quick note reminding you that Daylight Savings Time (DST) starts 3 weeks early this year.

Electronic equipment that was programmed before 2005 thinks daylight savings starts on first Sunday in April, not March 11. This change will affect everything from Computers, to Time Clocks, to PDA's, Alarm Clocks, to DVR's, Cell Phones, and Time controlled thermostats, etc., that were programmed/built prior to the change made to DST in 2005.

Here are a few articles explaining the change in further detail.

Change to DST might be tricky - Daylight-saving time coming earlier this year.

Why would daylight-saving time mess up my computer?