Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fun How To: Mr. Box Guy Craft!

How To: Mr. Box Guy!
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Supplies Needed:

* A 4”x4”x4” box

* 4-12” squares of Bubble Wrap(Could do one color, but multi color, in my opinion, looks better!)

* A Sharpie Marker( Dark colors show up more!)


* Tape( to tape the box together!)

* Rubber Band

Here We Go!

Step 1: Assemble your box as shown below with the top flaps pushed inward.

Step 2: Draw a face for your Mr. Box Guy!

(You do not have to draw this exact face, I just thought this one was cute!)

Step 3: Now, you can punch two slits on each side of your Mr. Box Guy. The reason that I did not put this step as number 2 was because you need to place your arms according to where you placed your face!

- To make the arms, take one piece of your 4 sheets of bubble wrap squares and a pair of scissors. Cut 2 strips off of the sheet of bubble wrap. The strips should be about four inches long and around three quarters of an inch wide. These make the arms. Now, take your strips and fold over about 1 ½ inches. To put arms in place, use your nail or a pen/pencil to push in the hole. Do this for each strip!

Step 4: Now to make the hair!!!!

- To make the hair you take your remaining 3 pieces of bubble wrap and bunch them together. When bunched together, fold in half. Then place rubber band around the end of the bubble wrap.

Step 5: To complete your Mr. Box Guy, place your “hair” in the box. You can attach it somehow, but I didn’t. It stays fine, unless you turn it upside down.