Friday, March 24, 2006

Jiffy® TuffGard® Bubble Cushioned Mailers

New & Improved !!Higher Quality, Lower Price ! Need a sample? Email us to request one.

For Added Performance:

Rugged Durability - Multi-layer, coextruded film provides optimum moisture, puncture and tear resistance, especially for heavier items.

Superior Cushioning - 3 /16 inch thick Bubble Wrap® material maintains thickness for excellent product protection throughout the shipping cycle.

Maximum Protection - Fully laminated film/air cellular material construction increases overall cushioning and bursting strength.

Improved Security - High-strength, hot-melt adhesive closure provides additional tamper resistance and assurance for mailing high value items.

For Extra Value:
Premium Appearance Enhances Image - Easy to write on and accepts gummed labels.

Saves Postage - Lightweight to reduce shipping costs.

Fast, Easy Loading Saves Labor - High-slip Bubble Wrap® lining with crushed air cellular material at opening facilitates easy product insertion.

Economical Alternative to Cartons - Decreases labor and increases productivity, eliminates additional dunnage, lowers postage costs and saves warehouse space

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