Friday, March 26, 2010

UPS Announces Smart Pickup - Saves Time, Saves Money

I just read that UPS has announced a new service, Smart Pickup. Let me first say that we ship 99% of our packages via FedEx Ground, but we do keep our UPS Daily Pick up account for customers that want to ship an order using their own UPS account#. So everyday UPS comes by to see if we have any packages for them. Most days we do not, like I said before, we ship 99% of our packages via FedEx Ground. We get billed $20.00 a week for this service, even if we do not ship a single package with them.

This new services does a couple of things. It saves us money for one, and still allows us to still offer UPS shipping. instead of $20.00 a week, the charge will be $10.00 a week ($40.00 a month), Excellent! Also, it saves the driver from having to drive to our business, get out of his truck, walk into the warehouse and return to his truck empty handed. Saving UPS, in fuel and payroll. It sounds great, I guess, unless you have a 1:00 pickup, then any labels printed after 1:00pm, would not get picked up the same day? Then it might not be worth the $10.00 savings a week, $40.00 a month. I guess for us it will depend on our new pickup time.

Remember the saying, $1.00 saved is $1.00 earned? Well, make that $40.00 saved is $40.00 earned, a month that is, or $480 over a years time!

We plan on trying this service and will report back our finding. Please, if you use this service, let us know how it works for you!

See program details here:

Happy Shipping!

Jason Archambault

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