Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Intuit's Quickbooks and website and credit card processing is down.

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If you use intuit's Quickbooks, you may have noticed it is currently not working, do not worry, it is not your computer but an issue at Intuit. They are aware of the issue and are working to correct it. A visit to their website shows a 404 Error. Intuit's twitter page shows the follwing message:

We apologize for the inconvenience in accessing a number of Intuit websites. We’re working the problem and will restore full service ASAP.

It looks like Intuit UK is also experiencing the problem according to their twitter page:

Problems with #Intuit and #QuickBooks website shopping cart? Call our sales team to complete transaction on 0808 168 9535


From what we can tell from a post on one of Intuit's facebook pages, it appears the intuit site and quickbooks processing has been down since last night some time.!/intuit?v=wall



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