Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Holographic & Decorative Mailers / Deco Bags® - NEW ITEM

Holographic & Decorative Mailers / Deco Bags®

Do you feel your Direct Mail is not getting the response it deserves? You've spent time and money crafting the perfect direct marketing campaign or promotion so why conceal it in a regular envelope? Deco Bags® will add that extra touch to your promotion, proving irresistible to your customers. Direct Mail and Response Rates have never looked this good!

Deco Bags® are sealed with a permanent adhesive strip and are offered in a variety of colors to fit your direct mail promotional campaigns.


Direct Mail Campaigns,
Wedding Invitations,
Birthday Invitations,
CD Mailers,
Product Catalogs,
Magazine Mailings,
Business Reply Card Packs,
Pre-Show Promotions ,
Premium Product Promotions,
Training Kits,
Membership Mailings,
Financial Reports

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