Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Beat the High Cost of (Expedited) Parcel Shipping!

Here's another great tip! Do you ship time sensitive packages? Does your customer need it, like now!?  How would you ship it if they needed it in 2 days?

From the linked article:

"...let’s say that you want to ship a package on Monday and get it to your customer by Wednesday. Which service would you use? Many would choose a service like UPS 2nd Day Air or FedEx 2 Day service. Others might use US Post Office Priority Mail. What if you want to be sure that it gets there and choose the most economical service?"

You may be surprised at the service that is most economical, and Guaranteed to be there on time.

In tough economic times such as these, it helps to save where ever you can!

Happy Shipping!,

Jason Archambault

Fastpack Packaging Inc.

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