Friday, December 10, 2010

Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day in Danger of being "Popped" in 2011

You heard right! Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day (BWAD) 2011 is in Danger of being popped!

First let's answer a few questions. Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day? Huh? Yes, there is such a day! See more about that here:

Ok, back to the popping part. Every year on the 4th Monday of January people from all over the world celebrate BWAD, including us here at FastPack. Every BWAD we have a HUGE Bubble Wrap® Sale in which we offer FREE SHIPPING on rolls of Bubble Wrap®. Clear Bubble Wrap®, Purple Bubble Wrap®, Green Bubble Wrap®, Blue Bubble Wrap® and the original Clear Bubble Wrap®.

As anyone in shipping knows, every year, like clockwork the major small package shipping companies announce increases. The upcoming 2011 shipping increases have already been announced by FedEx, UPS, and the USPS. Year after year shipping costs have increased, and our Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day sale still continued. This year it has become impossible to absorb the full shipping costs due to the increase set to hit all small package shippers the first week of January. So our Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day sale has been "POPPED", almost.....

We will no longer be able to offer FREE SHIPPING on rolls of Bubble Wrap on that very special day, as in years past. HOWEVER, the SALE MUST GO ON! January 24, 2011, the upcoming BWAD, we will offer highly discounted shipping, 50% off of shipping or higher at the very least, but we are working to make sure that the big day goes on!

For more details see:

Jason Archambault
Fastpack Packaging Inc.

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