Thursday, December 16, 2010

New size Kraft Self Seal Bubble Mailers / Envelopes 4"x5" #MINI by Fastpack Packaging Inc.

We are pleased to announce a new size kraft self seal bubble mailer / envelope, it is 4"x5" interior dimensions. It is considered a #MINI. If you think you might be able to use this small, (maybe the smallest bubble mailer / envelope available ever), send us an email we would love to send you a free sample.

Why use a #MINI you might be asking yourself? Less envelope equals less weight, you can ship a smaller envelope at a lower cost. Shipping costs are reduced. Also, if you have a few coins, baseball sports card, small jewerly etc, you really do not need the larger envelope, this helps save paper and trees. Also, of course savings on the cost of the envelope!



Jason Archambault

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